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The Alliant team has been training for "The Wash"!


The Alliant Systems team has been training for The Hot Sauce Gauntlet!

Mayron Herrera, Eric Smith, and Jhovanny Rodriguez faced the ultimate challenge on the latest episode of "The Wash"!

"The Wash" is a YouTube series - and challenge 🔥 - hosted by our good friends at Clean & Simple Marketing, a marketing firm that specializes in storytelling and brand identify campaigns - primarily in the textile rental space.

In this episode of "The Wash", host Zach Ostendorf asks the team how they got their start in the industry, what exciting developments are in the works at Alliant, and tries to learn what exciting announcements will be unveiled at AlliantCon23. The episode culminates with the group attempting to eat their final wing covered in "Da Bomb" hot sauce! Ouch!

If you are not familiar with Mayron and Jhovanny, this is a great opportunity to learn a little bit about the new ownership team at Alliant Systems, and see how they handle themselves under pressure.

Watch for yourself to discover whether they successfully conquered the challenge and handled the heat of both the questions and the wings! 🔥