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Need to kickstart route sales? Start sampling...

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Sampling has proven to be an incredibly effective method to increase routes sales. 

While every person isn't always looking to 'buy', almost every person is open to trying something for free. Here is a call to action: pick 10 customers next week to leave one of your products at no charge for a period of time and see what happens once the sampling period ends.  

Mats are perfect items for sampling, and the onset of fall is an optimal time to implement a mat sampling program. It's also the start of the annual CSCNetwork fall mat promotion and another great reason to consider sampling!

Step one - use the Item Usage report and select the 'Not in use' filter to identify customers that are not using a specific SKU.  Optionally, you can find customers not using entire groups of SKUs by using the revenue class filter.

Step two - set up the item for the target customers and choose the 'sample' flag on the item screen.  You can establish a date range, and the item will display the word 'sample' and be free of charge during that period of time.  Thereafter, the 'sample' designation falls off and the item begins billing automatically!

If you are interested in learning how to set up a sampling program, contact Alliant today. Even better, register today for our in-person conference this fall so you can learn other features of the software to help you manage and grow your business!