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10 Things You Missed at AlliantCon23!

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AlliantCon23, the annual customer conference hosted by Alliant Systems, brought together over 200 textile rental professionals from 90+ companies in Frisco, TX. This event was a powerhouse of networking, learning, and innovation for the industry. If you couldn't make it this year, here are the top 10 things you missed out on:

1. Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

AlliantCon23 stands out as the industry's premier networking event, providing a platform for professionals to connect, share experiences, and build valuable relationships. Over 200 like-minded individuals from various companies gathered, making it an invaluable opportunity for networking. The event was capped off by an unforgettable Brazilian Steakhouse dinner that we think is the "Best Dinner Party" of the year for textile rental operators. 

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Alliant Community members at the inaugural Alliant Admin and Alliant Power User training at AlliantCon23.
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2. Launch of the Alliant Community

The introduction of the Alliant Community was a game-changer and a first for the textile rental industry. This online platform lets Alliant end users learn, collaborate, and share like never before! It offers Alliant customers access to a searchable knowledge base for the first time ever. The Community includes an interactive discussion space for users to ask and answer questions and discover how other users solve similar problems and use the software application. Even more exciting is the fact that the community includes a space for users to submit and vote on new ideas, creating a hub for collaboration and information-sharing. This new platform goes hand in hand with Alliant's goal of helping the industry, and our customers, grow their businesses. If you are an Alliant user, register today with your company email address here!

3. Alliant University: Comprehensive Training Resources

Alliant University, integrated within the Alliant Community, fills a longstanding need for robust training resources. With a library of over 100 courses available at launch, it caters to new employee onboarding, offers refresher training, and supports career advancement and help for operators wanting to develop and retain talent within their companies. Speaking of training, AlliantCon23 was the place to attend exclusive, full-day, in-person,  training courses for Alliant Admins and Power Users. These classes were a huge hit. Limited to 25 students each, the courses provided in-depth insights for administrators and daily users looking to maximize their efficiency within the Alliant system.

4. A panel of Service Superstars share their success stories!

The "Service Superstars" panel at AlliantCon23 was a masterclass in customer innovation. Four textile rental operators took the stage to share their game-changing systems, each designed to elevate the overall customer experience: from crafting exceptional welcome packets for new clients to leveraging automated tools in the Stockroom for flawless on-time deliveries. They highlighted the proactive use of mobile apps for route service representatives, enabling seamless pre and post-route audits, and employing cutting-edge technology to swiftly address shortages in real-time. Perhaps most impressively, these operators have forged dynamic partnerships with their customers, revolutionizing finance tasks. Customers can now proactively access and manage invoices online, streamlining the process and even making future delivery requests with ease. The "Service Superstars" panel was a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in shaping extraordinary customer experiences.

5. Mid-Year Training and AlliantCon24 Announcement

Exciting news for future attendees - mid-year training dates and AlliantCon24 details were announced, ensuring continuous learning and networking opportunities for Alliant customers. Mid-year training courses will be offered in Spring 2024 (dates TBD) and AlliantCon24 will remain in Frisco, TX, and will be held October 22nd - 24th, 2024.

6. Alliant in the Cloud

Alliant introduced an exciting enhancement to its suite of offerings: a private, secure, and highly scalable cloud option. This groundbreaking development marks a significant shift away from the traditional reliance on on-premise servers. By introducing this new option, users gain the ability to seamlessly operate the latest version of Alliant directly within their web browsers. It not only ensures heightened security measures but also opens up a world of possibilities for streamlined operations and improved efficiency. The future of efficient business management has arrived, and it now includes both a cloud option as well as the option to continue with an on-premise server.

7. Synetek Solutions becomes Alliant IT

Alliant's sister company, Synetek Solutions, has provided award-winning, enterprise-level support for textile rental companies for nearly 20 years. Today, Synetek Solutions becomes Alliant IT, a division of Alliant, with the mission of helping the industry move forward.  This means Alliant can now become your one-stop shop for bridging the gap between technology and business goals. Offering a wide range of services, including help desk support, cybersecurity protection, and end-user education, Alliant IT ensures comprehensive IT support for your businesses and takes the stress out of managing your IT.

8. Learn how you can become a "NextGen" Operator!

This Alliant session was a transformative experience for all attendees, shedding light on the pivotal seven steps that have propelled NextGen Laundry, Alliant's textile rental "ideal company" to the forefront of the industry. From tools to simplify daily data entry to the seamless integration of payment processing systems, the session unveiled a blueprint for success. NexGen also provides customers with an intuitive online self-service portal, a time-saving innovation that has set them apart in a competitive market. The session not only underscored the importance of these steps, but also inspired attendees to implement similar strategies in their own businesses.

9. RFID Innovation: Tracking Textile Rentals

AlliantCon23 was the epicenter for discussions on best practices for implementing RFID technology in textile rental businesses. If you're not utilizing RFID, it's time to consider it, and Alliant offers a superior software solution for seamless implementation.

Positek RFID provided updates on new technologies and equipment that is available today that can help textile rental operators save money and increase revenues by applying RFID technology across all types of products - not simply uniforms and mats. 

Calderon Textiles identified how suppliers are now integrating RFID into all products upstream during the manufacturing process, with a goal of helping operators spend their dollars more efficiently on new goods and delivery of "RFID-ready" products to the operator's doorstep, saving valuable labor and time once new goods are received.

10. Revolutionize Customer Service with Alliant's Integrated Service Module and Proactive Workflows

This session provided a comprehensive overview of the Service Module, a game-changing tool to help you level up your customer service. A standout feature of the Service Module is its invaluable library of service workflows, which go beyond reactive problem-solving. These workflows serve as an early warning system, enabling companies to identify and address potential service issues before they even have a chance to manifest. Additionally, the Service Module has proved instrumental in implementing effective contract renewal programs, solidifying long-term relationships, and ensuring continued success in the industry. 

AlliantCon23 was an event filled with invaluable opportunities for learning, networking, and staying at the forefront of industry trends. With so much on offer, it's clear that AlliantCon is a must-attend for anyone in the textile rental industry. Don't miss out on 2024 - start planning today!

Save the date! AlliantCon24 will be held in Frisco, TX, October 22nd - 24th, 2024. Registration opens on April 1st, 2024. 

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