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EP2: Evolution Of Technology In The Laundry Industry: Part 2 with Becky Hughes


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Episode Recap: 

In this episode of Laundry Talks, Eric Smith interviews Becky Hughes, president of Hughes Customat, Inc. Hughes Customat is a local mat, mop, towel, and facility services rental service in the St. Louis area.

Becky shares some of her company’s history and how invoicing was performed on multi-part forms and printed on dot matrix printers for many years prior to the implementation of a mobile application for route service representatives.

Becky also discusses the ease of implementation with route personnel, customer response to the new technology, and some unexpected benefits such as quicker payment processing from customers and the elimination of almost all postage related to the mailing of monthly statements. 

On a personal note, Eric and Becky discuss how they first crossed paths in the industry at a TRSA training program over 20 years ago.

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